I've always been creating stuff out of bits and pieces of nothing and everything. Saved bins of it and dragged them from move to move, even after saying 'guess I'll throw this away'.... But, there was my collage period and I needed things to create my thoughts on paper, my watercolor phase where they went back into the bins, my gift book stage where I used the bits to make diaries for friends with a cover collage of their interests, my knitting mania where I didn't use any of it but made dozens of scarves, and then the long dry spell where I became just a collector of art supplies.

Then a pandemic happened. Out came the paints, the brushes, the papers, the canvas, and my creativity cranked up. No more trying to paint the perfect landscape, the rose so real you could smell it, wondering whether anyone would like my art. Who cared? No one could see it anyway, and I could still get my joy of fresh jars of paint, big canvas, and silky brushes online.

I started layering paint on the canvas, using my fingers, old toothbrushes, cut up credit cards, even veggies, anything to make a mark I liked! I soon discovered REAL artists using this same technique, this great fun way to paint, and watched their videos for inspiration and learning.

It's abstract art. It doesn't have to look like anything, but if you look long enough you will feel an emotion, and maybe even see something that speaks to you. These are some of mine. I have titled them because of how I see them. But you may see something else....

And yes, they are for sale. If I can let them go.

The Marsh

Secret Garden

A Rose is....

Joyful glory

Under the Sea

Birds from Heaven


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